Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Persevere's exit strategy and my new position

We have begun closing up our operation in Mississippi and will be concluding the Katrina Relief Project on June 30th. When Persevere showed up last June in Pass Christian we committed to at least a year on the Gulf Coast and have fulfilled that promise. June 6, 2007 marked the year anniversary of our early morning storming of the beach to officially kickoff the project.

The decision to conclude our Katrina Relief Project was not easy because there is still so much that needs to be done. But for many reasons concluding the project makes the most sense. We are also sticking to the original plan of "moth balling" Persevere. We plan on returning to the Boston area, keeping Persevere's organizational structure intact and storing the equipment and tools we have accumulated over the past year. If a major and pressing "Katrina-sized" need arises in the future that Persevere can help address then we will consider responding.

Going forward I would like the volunteers and supporters of Persevere to focus their attention and resources toward Hands On Disaster Response (HODR). I have taken the position of Operations Director at HODR and it is great to be back working with them. HODR has always been a great supporter of Persevere and our Katrina Relief Project. HODR's business model and style served as the main inspiration for Persevere's formation following HODR's exit from the Gulf Coast in January 2006.

I'm excited to be working with the tremendous team at HODR and helping them expand and build an even stronger organization. HODR's ability to both coordinate and apply volunteers and resources to a relief effort is unparalleled and I'm looking forward to continuing their incredibly effective and important work. When Persevere goes into dormancy on June 30 th I would ask that Persevere supporters look to Hands On Disaster Response for info on future opportunities to help ( www.hodr.org).


Bill Driscoll Jr.
Exec. Director of Persevere's Katrina Relief Project

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