Friday, March 09, 2007

Thank You Doesn’t Seem Enough

The following is a thank you note that we received from the Freed family in Lady Lake, Florida. While we helped with tornado recovery the Freed's allowed us to camp in their backyard and provided us with a home away from home. We presented them with a Persevere sign when we departed as a token of our appreciation.

I don't know if the young men and women who came to Lady Lake FL and camped in my back yard in 30 degree weather at night and worked all day doing excruciating heavy work, I don’t know if they know how they impacted the lives of my neighbors and my family. Your strength of character, compassion, impeccable work ethics, the perfect guests, and your desire to simply help people unable to help themselves, well it is overwhelming that in the young people that you are you have already learned the most valuable gift you can give another human being and that is the gift of your time. The fact that you have a talent for what you do is a plus in my book. And each of you presented yourself as a professional. I remember my husband’s words oh so clearly when you parked in front of our house and began unloading and strapping on your gear, he said "those kids know exactly what they are doing". He was never more right about anything. One of the elderly ladies from sunshine park asked about you, she wanted to know if I had heard from those nice young kids who helped clear the park, you know the group with the boy who wore the earphones when he used his chainsaw :-), she thought he must have been listening to music while he worked:-)because they stayed out there all day and just kept going from tree to tree. And she wondered why they smiled so much after each tree. She said now she knows, it was satisfaction of one step at a time. keep moving forward no matter what obstacles get in your way. She now has a FEMA trailer and said she can handle anything after
Feb 2nd, she can PERSEVERE. I just need all of you to know how much you touched me.

I now have a frame for my sign and it hangs in the den, many people have asked what it stands for, usually Kevin Jr. answers with "that’s a small group of people who when joined together with the same goal can accomplish anything". I think my son is pretty smart, because at 13, he has learned from you something that a lot of people never learn their entire life.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! All our love, respect, admiration and prayers. The Freed Family, Kevin, Kathy, Nick, Justin & KW

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